Transition to a new flagship DC in Amsterdam

We have some incredibly important news to share with you today. WebHorizon is making a significant transition that will bring even more value to our hosting services.

Our New Home: Iron Mountain AMS-1 in Amsterdam

We are thrilled to announce that WebHorizon is relocating to Iron Mountain AMS-1, one of the most dynamic and connectivity-rich colocation facilities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan data hub. This new flagship data center offers an extraordinary scope for expansion. In a region where carrier-dense space is at a premium, AMS-1 stands out with a sprawling 23-acre campus.

What This Means for You:

  • Increased Reliability: At Iron Mountain AMS-1, we own all of our servers, giving us even more control over the quality of our services.
  • Premium Connectivity: We’ve partnered with Hybula to provide premium transit services, ensuring that your online presence is not only reliable but also incredibly fast.
  • Enhanced Security: We’ve added premium DDoS protection solution powered by CosmicGuard to safeguard your services from potential threats.

Seamless Transition:

As a part of this transition, all of WebHorizon’s current services in Frankfurt and Doetinchem will be seamlessly migrated to our new Iron Mountain AMS-1 facility in the upcoming month. The best part is that no action is required on your end. Your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses will remain the same, ensuring minimal disruption during this transition.

We understand that change can raise questions and concerns, and we are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible. Our support team is here to assist you every step of the way, and you can reach out to us with any inquiries.

Thank you for choosing WebHorizon. We look forward to serving you from our new home in Amsterdam, delivering even more outstanding hosting services and ensuring your online presence remains strong and secure.