Setting up MXroute Through Gmail

The following post will quicky explain how to manage email accounts from MXroute through Gmail. I will describe the correct way to do this, since the majority of users just set up a simple email forward rule. This should work on any MXroute based email hosting but I recommend any of the Web Horizon email hosting plans, get one right here.


The main difference between an email forward rule and managing custom email addresses through Gmail is that a forward message is just a redirection of the message instead of taking the message and delivery it right into the Gmail email address inbox, automatically, without any forward rule. This can be useful for those who have email hosting accounts with a very limited disk space, since once the email message is delivery it into the Gmail email account, the message will be removed from its origin, unless you decide not to.

Step 1: Creating a Valid SSL Certificate

I assume that you already have a MXroute based email hosting account with a primary domain name already setup. I’ll use a temporary domain name ( under a Web Horizon email hosting plan (10GB disk space – get one here). That being said, go to your MXroute email hosting administrator panel, under: “Account Manager” click: “SSL Certificates” and select: “Get automatic certificate from ACME Provider“, the default settings are good for me, however, change them if you need custom settings on your end. Once that’s completed, click save.

Step 2: Creating an Email Account

Go back to the main administrator panel, under: “Email Manager” click: “Email Accounts“. If you already have a email address, you can omit this step. If you want to create a new email address, click: “CREATE ACCOUNT“, fill the fileds: “Username” and “Password“, then click: “CREATE ACCOUNT“.

Step 3: Adding MXroute Email Address to Gmail

Sign-in into your Gmail email account, click the settings icon, and select: “See all settings“. Once there, select the: “Accounts and Import” tab. In there, next to: “Check mail from other accounts“, click: “Add a mail account“. A pop-up will show up asking for the custom email address created in the previous step, it will also ask for the username, password and POP/SMTP server and its port.

As reference, I’ll fill these fields with my end’s details:

  • Username: [email protected]
  • Password: your_password
  • POP Server:
  • POP Port: 995
  • “Always use a secure connection (SSL)” field is marked.
  • SMTP Server:
  • SMTP Port: 587

Step 4: Optional Details

Once the email account is added, other details will be asked (they are up to you) like: send email as, name of the new email account, treat it as an alias and lastly, a verification code will be send to your custom email account, copy/paste the code to verify the email account addition. Once that’s completed, you should now receive all email messages from your custom email address right into your Gmail email address inbox, securely.



This can be useful for those who don’t want to deal with MXroute extensive settings and webmail clients, also, in this way you take advantages of both platforms, MXroute’s solid email hosting and Gmail’s popularity. I hope this post gives you a new alternative to manage your personal and business email accounts. Don’t forget to check WebHorizon amazing deals here.